Friday, November 28, 2008

Le Tour de Nilagiri

TFN - Tour of Nilgiris

Trivia: The Only being on Earth which Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) loathes and fears more than he fears anything else.. Don't know? Read on..

Right from Childhood, I have an enemy. My most bitter enemy. Probably the only soul on earth who can scare the daylights out of me... My first tryst with him was in 1992, and since then, there is someone in this world that I can comfortably call, "My Greatest Nemesis".

Say, till now, I've had close to ten brushes with destiny, trying to face him, leave alone beating the hell outta him. But, I haven't been entirely successful. I lost two of my milk teeth, got scratches all over myself, about a hundred scoldings from my parents and Brother for not having the courage to face him, and more than a thousand insults from acquaintances for not being able to defeat my fear of him, while each of them have successfully made him do their bidding. I knew it. I was psychologically affected.

I couldn't do, what almost everyone else I know could do.

"Ah... Take me to the Psychiatrist."

So, here I am, talking to Dr.Mind, the psychiatrist, with Wardboy Internet eavesdropping. What can I do to get rid of this fear???? Is it with me for life? When will I face him and defeat him? I expected an answer from Dr.Mind. After 10 minutes of shortlisting his favourite quote from, he said...

"Keep your friends close. But your enemies closer".

Dr.Mind then googled for 10 minutes. After that, he said, "I know a way you can defeat your fear.. The condition you are suffering from is Bicycl-o-phobia. Affects one in ten thousand.."

How can I get rid of that fear and face Mr.Bicycle??

"Look at this page.. .. It's about a gang of Bicycl-o-philes going on a 919 km ride through the last week of December. Join them through the journey, and It may help you get rid of your fear!"

People love Bicycles??? Sure enough, there was a list of Warriors who are taking up that ominous task! And what do you know, the list includes a 11 year old! 919 km, Give me a break!

Buck up, folks.. Nilgiri's chain of stores presents, "Tour Of Nilgiris", the first edition of, probably, a competitor for Tour de France. Except that, this one is not a race. This is a tour, in its truest terms. Many People from India and outside have joined hands to undertake this "Joy Ride" through Bangalore - Mysore - Mercara - Sulthanbathery - Ootacamund (Ooty) - Doddabetta and here comes the best part, the whole ride BACK! (Geez, and I thought I was a weirdo..).

I read more about the adventure in the site and loved everything about it (er.. everything, except the riding part..). The most exotic tourist destinations of the region, a trip of 7 days when you can relish each and every minute of it in Nature's warmth (Actually, the temperature will be in 'Single degree' celsius in most of those places at that time.. Love it!) Sigh.. How I'll love it! And before I forget, the most important part.. During the journey..

Where there's a Nilgiri's store, There's a SNACK STOP!

If only I knew how to ride that god-damn-bicycle! :(

All you guys who get that joyous feeling on riding a bicycle.. who are content with speeding on a trek-bike and make faces at the drivers of the other polluting vehicles you overtake.. who just love nature and feeling that you are a part of it.. who want to see a healthier, greener and beautiful world.. who only ask "Where do I sign up?" when asked if you'd cycle 900 plus kilometres.. You know where to go from here!

Hey, Wait a minute, that's not all.. Another blog post on the site says that I can still make it! I don't need to bicycle. I'll go by they haven't mentioned that, but then, something more sturdy and balancable.. I will still get to see those places, half of which I am dying to see... And the other half, I am dying to see again!

There is a list of requirements put up on the site for taking up the role of a Live blogger which I 've done so many times in the past at IBM!

Previous experience of Sports blogging - Yes!
Live Blogging - A Double Yes!
Travelogues - A Triple Yes!
Own equipments - Yes!!! I only have to strike a deal with a friend for his data card yet!
Er.. Nilgiri's stores - Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!

But then, I am not in, yet. :)
Results on December 4, 2008 :)))

Till then,

Will I make it? Will I not? Will I make it? Will I not?...

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